Biometrology in Tissue Engineering: Thoughts and Concepts

The range of measurement techniques have increased in number and quality in recent decades. Qualitative methods have been increasingly applied to research in biological and health fields. However, Biotechnology and more specifically Tissue Engineering have reached a point that requires a step further. This step will be the adoption of Metrology (metrological standardization and metrological traceability) as a fundamental practice in scientific research and development of new therapeutic approaches. Some of the experience acquired from the production of medical devices and ontological instruments could be applied both for scaffold-based and scaffold-free strategies in Tissue Engineering. Metrological rules can be applied not only for biomaterials but also for tissues built in vitro, as a form of control for tissue maturation. The whole concept of Biometrology should be established as a research field, supporting future research and emerging health therapies, including Tissue Engineering. This review aims to introduce relevant theoretical concepts in Biometrology and their correlation with new approaches in Tissue Engineering.


Leandra S Baptista*, Karina R Silva, Anderson Beatrici, Giselle N Fontes, José M Granjeiro and Leonardo C Boldrini

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