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2016: Volume 1, Issue 2
Research Article: JMT (007)
Measurement and Characterization of Flexible Absorbing Materials for Applications in Wireless Communication
Author(s): Tian Zhou*, Dong Wel, Songtao Yang, Guanxiong Xu, Chunlin Ji and Zhiya Zhao
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Review Article: JMT (008)
Biometrology in Tissue Engineering: Thoughts and Concepts
Author(s): Leandra S Baptista*, Karina R Silva, Anderson Beatrici, Giselle N Fontes, José M Granjeiro and Leonardo C Boldrini
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Research Article: JMT (009)
Radiation Measurements without Posing the Inversion Problem
Author(s): Tibro Papp*, Maxwell JA, Raics P, Balkay L and Gál J
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Research Article: JMT (10)
The Development of PM2.5 Standard Aerosol Generator Based on PGSS Method
Author(s): Hu D*, Zhang Z, Guo B, Li B and Bi H
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Editorial: JMT (011)
Transdermal Drug Delivery (TDD) through Skin Patches
Author(s): Natali R Gendelberg, Roberto Falcone and Nuggehalli M Ravindra*
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Editor Note: J Sci Ind Metrol (12)
Editorial - Integrating Industrial Metrology: Application to Biotechnology
Author(s): Ravindra NM
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